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About eGiftSolutions®

Gift cards aren’t just for big national retailers and restaurant chains. With eGiftSolutions®, it’s easy for small to midsize businesses like yours to offer gift cards—and enjoy all the revenue and benefits a gift card program provides!

Program benefits include:

  • FREE Gift Card Processing*
  • Seamless Integration
  • Reloadable and Reusable Gift Cards
  • Real-time Online Reporting
  • Single or Multi-location Access
  • Endless Design Options

*Electronic Payments merchant account required.

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Business-Building with Gift Cards

Gift cards help increase sales and revenue in a myriad of ways, including keeping more profits in store, encouraging brand loyalty, and more!

Top 10 Reasons Businesses LOVE Gift Cards

  1. Increased SalesThe average consumer spends $59 more than the original value of their gift card, up $21 from 2017! (First Data)
  2. Larger Purchases33% of purchasers spend more on gift cards than a traditional gift. (First Data)
  3. Keep More Profits in StoreGift cards are a great alternative to cash back for returned items.
  4. New CustomersGift cards are an ideal way to bring in new business, with 42% of consumers reporting they use gift cards they’ve received right away. (Blackhawk Network)
  5. Repeat BusinessConsumers frequently redeem the full value of a gift card over multiple visits.
  6. Loyalty ProgramRewards programs that utilize gift cards encourage brand loyalty.
  7. Easy MarketingGift cards come with attractive merchandising displays to entice customers to buy.
  8. PopularityConsumers report they love to give gift cards more than any other gift. (First Data)
  9. ConvenienceGift cards are easy to set up and manage!
  10. Cost-EffectiveGift cards are an affordable way to extend additional purchasing options to your customers.